Teaching staff


Teachers in Muvuti Secondary

Mr. Richard Mokaya- Principal Muvuti Secondary School

Mr. Kilonzo – Deputy Principal Muvuti Secondary School

Languages Department

Mrs. Violet Musila- (Head of Department) English Language and Literature

Mrs. Catherine Maundu –English Language and Literature/History

Ms. Everline Munyao-English Language and Literature

Ms. Kemunto Migiro- English Language and Literature/History

Mr. Robert Masila- Kiswahili/ Geography

Pr. Njagi- Kiswahili/ C.R.E

Ms. Loureen Okong’o – Kiswahili/C.R.E.

Ms. Damaris Ndwiwa Kiswahili/History

Mathematics Department

Mr. Mulei – (Head of Department) Maths/Physics

Mr. Suleiman Maliki- Maths/Physics

Mr. Torch Ombaire- Maths/ Business Studies

Humanities Department

Mrs. Helen Magoiga Head of Department Geography/ Mathematics

Mrs. Josephine Kyalo History/C.R.E

Mr. Samuel Kilonzo- History and Government

Sciences Department

Mrs. Esther Manyala – (Head of Department) Chemistry/Physics

Mr. Urbanus Mwaka- Chemistry/Biology

Mr. Harun Ngoge- Biology/ Chemistry

Technical Studies Department

Mrs. Damiano Mutunga (Head of Department) Business Studies/Mathematics

Mr. Erick Mogire – Agriculture/Biology



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