The school offers a variety of co-curricular activities. These include; athletics, basketball, football, rugby among other sports.  The school  also offers  and  excels  in subject  based  activities  like  science  and engineering fair, symposiums, debating, journalism and writing among others.

For the sports, the school has invested in facilities like football pitch, football kits etc. and the school also has a murram base basketball pitch. Most of these facilities are basic and need upgrading. More sports activities like lawn tennis need to be introduced in the school.

Sports Field

The school boasts of a sizable pitch for games with the proper demarcations per games and sports equipment.

The following games are available for students with fully trained coaches:




Racquet games

Volley ball

Hand ball


 Background Information ABC Muvuti Boys Secondary  School  is  established  on  a  10-acre  piece  of …

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